Sunday, May 10, 2015


For all of you mothers out there I hope you will feel acknowledged and appreciated for all that you do for family. It occurs to me that the real meaning of family is those people who go BEYOND their normal level of personal sacrifice for the benefit of other blood relatives. Of course, SOME of us have family members who are ESPECIALLY CHALLENGED with the life karmic obligations, and it is our FAMILY who has to shoulder the mental, physical, emotional and often financial burdens of them. The irony is of course, that from what I have observed, EACH family member secretly thinks that THEY are the family member who is most inadequate. It is the MOTHER of a family unit who functions as the glue that keeps us all from spinning off across the world in our own respective directions. Mothers nurture, by nature, unless they themselves are challenged with karmic challenges which disrupt such actions or impulses. In such a case it can require the family to nurture the mother, as the energy flow is inversed.

Ultimately our mothers are the center of our families. They are the point from which all family emerges and they wind up being the thing that all family members have in common with one another. A famous statement about mothers speaks volumes of our understanding about life, being born into this existence, and is fairly self explanatory for Pagans and Witches: “Mother is the name for God in lips and hearts of little children.” Willam makepeace Thackeray

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Relative Relativity

I think people look at life all wrong.
First of all, the very BASIS of our outlook is biased incorrectly. The general rule of thumb that is seemingly UNIVERSALLY accepted and never challenged, is, in my experience, completely wrong. We spend all our energy trying to fight the most basic aspect of life and yet we never stop to consider that what we are actually fighting against....may be the essence of life itself. What do I mean? Well for starters, life IS pain. We all do our best to experience the best in life while simultaneously attempting to escape the unpleasant aspects of it. However, the reality is that without pain there simply IS NO LIFE. What's more, pain isn't your enemy. Pain is your closest ally. Pain lets you know that you are still alive and kicking. Pain lets you know when there is something wrong, be it physically, with your body, or emotionally in your heart. Yet we all dread the onset of pain because it is universally recognized to be a harbinger of scary change, but change is unavoidable. The ONLY thing in our lives that we can absolutely count on being a constant.......IS change. So to brace yourself AGAINST pain is silly. Inadvisable. Untenable. Impractical.

Experiencing pain is after all, unavoidable. If the universe suspects that you might be getting too comfortable, pain WILL FIND YOU. You cannot dodge or hide from pain. You cannot insulate yourself from pain with money. If you don't deal with the lessons of pain the Universe gives to you then chances are that you will be required to experience the SAME pain in different circumstances until you respond to the pain in the manner that the Universe or your Spirit Guide or guardian Angel desires. The Universe gives you style points for dealing with pain well, and rewards you guessed it, stronger more virulent PAIN. If you manage to become immune to the pain the Universe will bless you with a chronic condition. If you succeed in handling that you will receive an emotionally wrecking event. If you progress past this then the Universe will continue to hurl random combinations at you until you actually are, unstoppable. This is how life works. We are basically tortured into invincibility. Remember this the next time that you feel that you were treated unfairly, or when you think you have been singled out with problems.

Earth school is about having your soul flexed to the breaking point and then flexed some more. The biggest secret in plain sight is that there simply is no escape. You may convolute your life with wealth and power, sex, drugs, and all manner of seemingly insulating excess, but pain WILL FIND YOU. Eventually you will learn to embrace the pain, which is what is expected of you. The thing is, what will you ALLOW the pain you experience to drive you to do? THIS is the essence of the test. Will you allow the pain, YOUR pain, to bleed into another persons life? This is a sign of weakness. Strength is demonstrating the act of shouldering that pain and moving forward not ALLOWING that pain to escape you. Being a cage for that pain and destroying it by taking steps to either resolve it, or carrying it to your grave to ensure it cannot hurt anyone else while simultaneously negating its effects on you, your life, and your relationships to others...

If you allow the pain to make you hurt someone else, the pain has taken you over, and now YOU are the pain. (Sorry head choppers, you're screwed).

The goal in life is to walk through this garden of Eden learning how to enjoy the experiences it offers while maintaining the theme park. This means caring for the life on this planet while doing our best to leave this world better than we found it. Regardless of what others do the responsibility for each of us is what we consciously contribute. No matter what condition Eden is in, we must work to repair what we have destroyed. This is the test of time. This is the lesson for our souls and the key to our spiritual evolution.

Now, I have used MY Pain to attempt to alleviate some of YOURS. This is because I am an unstoppable warrior against pain, and I make pain my bitch. Now you see how you ALSO, can do that.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Self Love

Today I'd like to talk about a sensitive topic.

It's one that I completely misunderstood my entire life and I'm sure that many of you, also, do not have a complete understanding of what the term "Self Love" really means. This morning, for the first time in literally years, I woke up BEFORE my alarm went off. When I did, it was as if I was being addressed. A voice in my head explained to me that self love isn't about how I FEEL about myself. It's about how I TREAT myself. The voice went on to describe the relationships between Higher Self and self. I was shown an image of something I see all the time but until now I didn't realize I was being taught something. The image was that of me petting on either one of my cats. Each time I paid attention to my cats I noticed that the more I pet them, the more they lick themselves. They were teaching me two things. One thing I will touch on later in a separate piece, but for now, they were showing me that each time I pet them, they "pet" themselves. This is an incredible bit of insight that they have taught me. Cats are whole because they fully "get" that we are NOT our bodies. Our bodies must be cared for and loved as if they were our children. They are NOT "us" but they SERVE us. What is causing all of the sickness everywhere is this this total incomprehension of the REALITY of our physical condition in this plane of existence. That is, that we are Spirits inhabiting or sharing the physical body of an animal that NEEDS OUR LOVE AND ATTENTION. It is NOT us, and yet it is. Our body is our lower self. There is a huge difference between loving your lower self "your-self" and being "self-centered". It is a nuance in language that is so subtle that I had never noticed it before. If you can manage to break the inertia of past habit and look at "your-self" in the mirror, and MAKE the connection to your body and REALIZE what I'm talking about here you will understand. You will find an incredibly important piece to the puzzle of life. YOUR life. Most of us who have developed sickness or illness have had this occur BECAUSE WE AREN'T LISTENING TO OUR-"SELVES". It is so strange to think of this body that I live in as someone who needs consideration beyond what "I" want, but it IS the case. I know how this may sound, but it's the TRUTH. It's the very essence of the wisdom on ancient knowledge passed down the generations to us from our ancestors in the phrase, "The Royal We". "We" (plural) for each singular individual, IS the key to the concept of the FACT that we are Spirit and body (will) which is to say our HIGHER SELF riding around in our LOWER self.

If it helps, think of us as a little speck of light who lives symbiotically in an animal who depends on us COMPLETELY in exchange for sharing it’s body with us. WE ARE the alien race that we have been dreaming of all this time. It’s US. WE are the ones who came to earth and merged with these animal beings and the proof of the history is in our language. The clues are all around us. We have forgotten who we are. We selfishly use our bodies without regard to their needs so habitually now that we don’t even recognize them as the entity that we use. They are us, but they are NOT us. When they die, we continue. THEY continue through the biological progression we call “reproduction”. WE continue past death and do whatever we do between co-habitations until we return in a different body.

Even if you cannot stretch your mind to believe this is true, (which I assure you it is) let’s just focus on the part that will make a difference in your life. The NOW.

Self Love is the care and feeding of the animal self that you and you alone are in charge of. If you don’t take care of it, it will feel neglected and will begin creating problems for you until it gets your attention. All it wants is your love. It is part of you and yet it NEEDS to be treated with the same kind of respect and consideration that you would treat your best friend or lover with. Going back to the example of the cats.... When you pet them, they pet themselves. Why is this? Because they are showing us that the body is your temple. Your pet. Your vehicle through the physical, but more importantly, it LOVES YOU. You MUST Love it back or it will die.

In order for you to do that, you must LISTEN to it. MOST of us do not do this. We carry on about what we want and what we need all the time, but we forget, that our “self talk” is being listened to by the child within....the lower self. The body. The will. It absorbs EVERYTHING you tell it. It doesn’t naturally recover from abuse. Especially mental abuse. When a woman looks into a mirror and sees her body and becomes critical of it, that is damaging. It HURTS the body to be told it’s not good enough. It causes the body to cry out in pain and suffering. The body expresses this in the form of illness. You see, our bodies have for us an absolute unbelievably intense unconditional love. If we tell it we are unhappy with it, it will actually begin to die in an attempt to set us free to reincarnate into a different body. When we express a wish to be the opposite sex, it will attempt to give us what we want. If we remain unhappy with what it can do, it will begin to decline. When we LOVE our-“selves” we send a contrary message to the body. We tell it that we are GRATEFUL for it’s abilitys and it’s appearance and everything that it does for us. We tell it that we LOVE it and that it has more VALUE than any possession that we may own. Remember the phrase, “well? At least you have your health!”? What does that actually mean? It means well? At least you have the love and dedication of your ever faithful body who will stick to you and by you until it can serve you no longer. Our body’s are like pets. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have sense enough to REALIZE them anymore (if we ever actually did beyond the point of our genesis)

Now, it occurs to me that there will be some of your who are going to start hollering that this whole thing puts a serious wrench in your religious beliefs. But you’ll notice I never said that there wasn’t a Supreme Being. Well? That’s because there IS .......a Supreme Being. Remember the sacred Trinity? It’s all described right there. “Father, son, and holy ghost” Father is the Supreme Being, Son would be the lower self, and YOU......the one who is reincarnated over and over in many lifetimes as many people both male and female.....are the holy ghost.

So I know that this is a LOT to lay on you all at once, but just consider it. Because I know, that in your heart of KNOW this to be true. Nothing is required of you to believe it, you don’t even have to ADMIT that you believe it. But AT LEAST entertain the concept and start treating “your-self” as someone who you like and respect and are GRATEFUL FOR, and treat your body like your pet or child and see if you don’t suddenly start LOOKING better, FEELING better and most importantly ............feeling WHOLE.

Remember that stuff I mentioned before about how you cannot love someone else until you learn to love yourself? Perhaps this new and vital bit of information will make that whole thing make more sense. Face it. Each one of you is a pair. This information is my gift to you. I hope you take it to heart.

Love Chiron’

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Once when I was little...

Once when I was little, I was sitting a couple of feet from my grandfather on the front porch. The air was still in the morning heat which was mounting with the intentional deliberation of a large geared clock. The front porch had a stillness about it that I often wondered about both then and many years later when I returned as a grown man. It was like some sort of unearthly stage of sorts. It stood a good five or six feet off of the ground, and was the main landing to the entrance of the magical house that was the home of my grandparents in south central Texas.

Pom-pa shifted his feet. A slow act of deliberation as he slowly dragged the soul of his shoe closer to him. It sounded like a labored breath and I could hear every grain of sand trapped between the leather of his shoe and the bright sparkle of the concrete porch. While it may have sounded like a labored breath, it was more like the winding of that big mysterious clock that was even now mechanically increasing the temperature like an oven. Pom-pa didn’t seem to notice. He made me aware of my feet. My thoughts wandered between the intermittent bursts of dialog that punctuated the chewing of his tabacco. His were the shoes of a man who didn’t much care about comfort or performance. Just a piece of leather, wrapping his foot in a style that suggested a fashion long since forgotten by time itself. A big grasshopper inched his way across the edge of the porch in the now almost blinding white light. I looked at my feet. They were in sharp contrast to Pom-pas. Bright blue and white colored adidas. Even the shape of my shoe was technologically advanced. Aerodynamic. Next to Pom-pa’s shoes mine were like an exotic sports car, while his were rather like the rusted dented up old truck that he honestly seemed to prefer. But there was something about the old man. Something mysterious. Something that the little voice in the back of my head told me to hold reverence for. Something deep and exciting and frightening and amazing all wrapped up in my confusion about how to feel about this man. I sensed a darkness in him. But I also sensed a strength in him that I wasn’t certain that I’d ever run into before. Nobody else seemed to have it. It was just a feeling that Pom-pa always knew what to do. It didn’t matter WHAT happened. Pom-pa KNEW, what to do.
Pom-pa spat at the grasshopper and it stopped exactly short of it. A warning not to come any closer to the door. The grasshopper seemed to get the message and slowly retreated.
“It’s like I was telling ya Chiron, “ my woolgathering snapped to sharp focus as he broke his silence. A breath of wind rustled the leaves of the trees around us and whistled through a giant spiderweb over our heads where a spider bigger than my hand could be seen surfing the breeze. “It’s all in yor head.” I listened attentively as Pom-pa chewed the wisdom out of the tabacca .

“Say you got ta make a long trip now.” “Why what you wont to do is, yew goin’ find yo’self a beg ROCK.” I listened, enrapt with curiousity. “An’ then you goin’ find yo’self nuther beg ROCK.” “Not so beg you caint walk right, but pret near beg assa yo-cun carry.”

The cicadas let loose a silence shattering blast of sound as pom-pa continued.

“So you got TWO beg ROCKS and you go on and make yor way now, way you’ve gotta go.”

“And when you git to where you can’t go ONE STEP FARTHER, no matter how hard you try,............why you put one of them rocks down. You’ll feel refreshed and realize that you might have a LOT more energy left and can keep on goin’. So then you keep on way you’ve got to go tell you caint go ANY FARTHER. Then you put the other of them rocks down. Sure enough, like MAGIC you’ll be refreshed and can keep on goin’. It’s all in yor head Chiron, how hard things are.”

Leslie Caldwell was a mountain man. One of the last of a dying breed. A man who had his home taken from him in the name of “manifest destiny”, and his pecan orchard now resides at the bottom of lake Belton. The undocumented original discoverer of the mounds Indian burial grounds who had his find stolen from him by some collegiate academics. But that’s okay. The family knows what he did. A man who, like all of us had more than his share of demons and challenges, but who underneath it all was an incredible human being.

Pom-pa was right. I sometimes find myself back in the body of that small boy listening to him tell me about life challenges in that same matter of fact tone that he always had about him. As he used to encourage me that the true journey was not the one made by my feet, but the one made by my head.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I think most people just don't understand what "TV" really is....
Television is tool that we have adopted in place of the campfire. The campfire was the place in the evening which human beings all gathered around to converse, to settle down after eating and to muse about fact, fiction, dreams and news with each other before going to sleep and starting their new day. The community revolved around the campfire. It's where the heat and light was, where the food was, and subsequently, where the people were.

When we stopped living outside, the campfire most moved indoors to the living room or the kitchen....which is where we kept our fireplaces. Once Television came about, it slowly replaced the fires in our home but it's attributes were the same. It is where we gathered together to talk about fact and fiction, news, dreams and we watched and shared the common experience of stories with it. Now, with television, we could share stories with many people. A shared reality occurred as a DIRECT RESULT of our common experience in hearing a story on television.

As technology marched on, the attributes of television further mimicked it's campfire roots. Men who wanted to show their success bought televisions which were larger and larger. Very much like the old days when they would demonstrate their awesomeness by having the biggest campfires. Larger campfires/televisions meant more people would gather there and pay homage to the owner. This wound up being an attribute to masculinity. (because size matters) A large fire/set indicated a good provider.

So what was originally fine and good for everyone was eventually corrupted by those who began to see that they could manipulate people gathering around the televisions. They began to tell stories in such a way as to make people feel a certain way, and that's when television became a tool to manipulate those who didn't spot their own vulnerability to the stories that they were being told.

For some of us, A large TV is still a beautiful thing. It's a tool used to share stories about human experience. We watch and listen to the stories and we learn what we can from the vicarious experience of other human beings without having to actually experience the hardship we witness in our own lives. When it is over, we can walk away unscathed, but perhaps more experienced. But we are the people who have eliminated the televisions ability to sell us something by not subscribing to pay broadcast services or the "free" programming which fills our homes with the noise pollution of corporate pitchmen.

But even our limited exposure to the television is still something to be guarded about. Productions are so encompassing these days as to create a visceral experience, a peek into another world, and if we aren't careful, we can lose ourselves in the fantasy of that world. It's now more important than ever to remind ourselves, that this stuff is "just entertainment".

Of course, we can still learn useful things from the stories of fiction, because they are mostly all stories about the human condition, but we should always remind mindful that reality is right out that front door.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just a note .....

To let people know that I'm back to writing again after a long pause. More is being developed and will hit this page soon. xoxo Chiron

Friday, November 18, 2011

Windows to the Soul.

A Woman has the power to dictate her every day.

Like a butterfly, She can light upon the space she stands

and channel in every way.

She can tilt and twist that directed at her from distress back into peace.

The sweetness of her quiet dignity, arresting all without a crease.

The stillness of her presence unmoved by doubt and fear, her sensitivity heightened

means now and then a quiet tear.

A woman in good alignment craves not the worship of those in her care, because,

A woman of good consignment carries the Goddess far and near.